How To Start A Child Support Payment Recovery Business - From Your Kitchen Table

Learn how to collect delinquent child support payments as a home based business. You will learn how to keep up to half of whatever you recover. Everybody wins! The children finally get their child support payments and you make a nice living. No downside.

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How To Start A Child Support Payment Recovery Business – From Your Kitchen Table
Child support delinquencies have reached an epidemic level in the United States, plunging many parents, (most of them women), and children into poverty and bankruptcy. Approximately 30 million children in the USA are owed more than $41 billion (that's billion with a "B") in unpaid child support, according to estimates by the Association for the Enforcement of Child Support (ACES). Another nine million or more children on welfare aren't even covered by a basic child support order.

It's one thing to have child support money owed you - it's quite another trying to get your hands on it. For parents that are owed child support payments, only a small percentage actually receive any. It's very frustrating for a parent to constantly chase after another, trying to collect their child’s support. Most of the time, these owing parents, are nowhere to be found. So, as far as the custodial parent is concerned, it's a hopeless cause. Eventually they give up. While another owing parent gets away from ever paying any child support what-so-ever.

The problem continues to grow because these custodial parents do not know how to go about collecting their children's support payments. They believe that "harassing" someone to pay-up is the solution. They do not know that there is a system out there that works. And why don't they know this? Because they don't teach this stuff in school.

This is where you come in. You can recover these child support payments and, (are you ready for this?), you get to keep a percentage of whatever you recover. Think about it. You will be helping many frustrated Moms and children, finally get their money, while keeping a percentage as your fee. Everybody wins!

You don't like the idea of taking a small percentage of the child's money? Then look at it this way. The child is getting zero money at present. If you don't help, the child will continue to collect zero dollars. So you can either, help for free, or help for a small percentage of whatever you recover. It's been my experience that Moms will gladly pay a small percentage to recover some money, over having zero money. Like I said, there is no down side. Everybody wins!

With approximately 30 million children in the USA being owed over $41 billion, you will have more clients, for your Child Support Payment Recovery Business, than you will ever be able to service. And the number is growing by the thousands every day. You just have to learn how to get started. And this manual can show you how.
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