How To Start A Recruiting & Staffing Business - From Your Kitchen Table

With just your basic staffing and recruiting, or your basic HR experience, you can start-up your very own staffing business. This manual can guide you step-by-step. Order today and start recruiting right away.

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How To Start A Recruiting & Staffing Business - From Your Kitchen Table
If you have just your basic HR staffing experience, then you can start your very own Staffing & recruiting business,
With President Obama’s administration working feverishly to put people back to work, you are going to see many businesses preparing to reopen their recently closed doors. With these re-openings there will be a hardy call-out for manpower. Companies will be rehiring personnel for virtually every department. This is where you come in.

Very shortly now companies will be calling on the services of every personnel recruiter and staffing agent in the land. They will be willing to pay recruiting agencies for services that evaluate, assess and ultimately recommend the perfect candidate for their jobs. If you have basic experience in the staffing industry, you will want to consider starting a home based recruiting business. But you cannot wait. You will want your business up and running when these jobs start to flow. With our “How to Start A Recruiting & Staffing Business” manual all you really need is basic HR and/or staffing experience. The manual will give you the rest. It will walk you step-by-step through every facet of the industry.
Here's just a sample of what's included in this manual.
Starting Your Business
What Does It Take To Start a Recruiting Business?
Pricing Your Services
Employee Relations
The Many Uses of A Job Description
Writing an Employee Handbook
Hiring The Right Person
How To Recruit Top Talent
How To Write A Job Ad
How To Set Salaries
Hiring Your First Employee
The Hiring Process
Interviewing Applicants
12 Benefits of Hiring Older Workers
Be Aware of Employment Laws
plus much, much more
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