How To Make Money as an Ordained Minister

How to make money suggestions and ideas.

This manual will show you how to make money as an Ordained Minister/Preacher.

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The late Ron L. Hubbard of the Scientology church once said: "If you're going to make money in today's world, you have to start a church."

Besides showing you “How to Make Money as a Preacher/Minister”, this manual also answers questions like:
Is it ok for a Preacher or Minister to make money?
Nowhere is it written that a Preacher/Minister should not make money. Besides, a person’s gotta eat.
Do you need a license to “preach” in America?
No, it is a first amendment right. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Gotta love America!
What is the difference between a Licensed and an Ordained Minister?
Ordination is a status given by a church. A minister can become ordained in a variety of ways, from sending in an online registration form to attending seminary for a few years. An ordained minister can perform all of the duties of a church leader, including leading services, preaching and performing baptisms.
In some states, a minister must be licensed to perform a marriage ceremony legally. In this case, the minister must apply for his license with the county or state government. A license is only needed for weddings; anything else a minister performs does not require the use of a license, since nothing else is a legal ceremony.

Learn how to Make Money as an Ordained Preacher/Minister and cash in on this highly well-kept secret.
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